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Spinning Sunday

I finished the Little Princess yarn. I repeat: I finished the Little Princess yarn.

I should also apologize for the horrible quality of the photo. The yarn didn’t want to cooperate. The sunlight didn’t want to cooperate. It was a rough time all around. But it’s finished, and now it’s hidden away in the yarn closet so I can forget about what a pain the finishing actually was. (Remember the plying drama? In which I spent an hour wrapping the single around my hand to ply the rest of the yarn, only to be thwarted by tangles and numb fingers?)

Little Princess

But there it is. And now I have something a little more cooperative on the wheel. (For now, at least.) This is BFL/silk. The colorway is Neptune.

Neptune on the wheel

Right now it’s just kind of hanging out there, since I haven’t actually spun very much of it. But BFL and I almost always get along.

I also started spinning some alpaca on a spindle. I wasn’t going to mention it since it’s mostly a between-projects spin, but I was video chatting with ViolinKnitter last night, who saw me playing with it and asked about it. (Not a very good way to keep a project a secret, I know.)

Alpaca spindle

And now we reach the knitting portion of this entry. Here is my heavily modified Evelyn cardigan (Ravelry link) with slightly uneven button placement.

Heavily modified Evelyn cardigan

This is for my friend who was kind enough to have a baby so I could knit something for her. I already want to write a note apologizing for the buttons — this was my first time since childhood sewing buttons, and my first time ever sewing buttons onto knitting — but, though they are slightly uneven, they are not coming off. Those buttons are secure. You’d need hedge clippers to remove them.

Aside from the buttons, I’m really pleased with how the cardigan turned out. It’s very small; it took less than a ball of my handspun, so I have a little left over to make something (itty) with. I had to modify the pattern a bit because there were a few math errors. I left my corrections and changes in my Ravelry notebook. The original pattern is very pretty and I was a little disappointed I couldn’t make it exactly how it said, but I’m very pleased with how mine turned out.

And here’s some evolution! The fiber, which I spun into yarn! It’s merino/tencel (70/30%), and came out to be about 237 yards of three-ply.

Green Green Merino/Tencel

The other thing I finished was my sparkly Isobel scarf (Ravelry link). I started this one while visiting my mom. I hadn’t gotten very far when I made the mistake of leaving the project unattended for a few minutes and came back to find someone (a feline someone) had chewed my yarn apart. So I have a couple ends I need to sew into the rest of the scarf there (I bet you can find them!), but otherwise it’s all finished.

Sparkly Isobel scarf

The yarn is more handspun, this from a Butterfly Girl batt called Morning Glory. More evolution!

Butterfly Girl Designs - Morning Glory Morning Glory Morning Glory

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