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I finished (yet another) draft of Incarnate 3 last night, but my work isn’t finished yet. Now that this draft is finished, I need to get through the rest of the work I’ve been putting off in the meantime.

1. Email.

I’m actually really good about keeping up with my email (see this post outlining how I organize and prioritize my email before I ever see it), but when I’m inspired and pushing through a draft, anything not from Agent Lauren or Editor Sarah gets set aside. So, emails I need to catch up on . . .

  • Follow up on a blogger email.
  • Respond to an email about a crit (see 2)
  • Respond to a blogger email.
  • Respond to a crit followup.  (see 2)
  • Blogger email. (see 4)
  • Fan mail!!!! <3 <3 <3 <3 <3
  • Blogger email.
  • Email from a writer.

As far as email goes, that’s actually really light.

But . . . those crits need to be done before I can reply to those emails.

2. Crits.

Both crits from the email section need to be done. I’ve already put them on my iPad and loaded them into Goodreader so I can actually leave my computer for a little while. They’re each only about five pages long and one is just a followup* — a “yes this is better” or “no you made it worse” — so this should only take an hour or so.

*I don’t usually do followups on my crits for strangers. Friends know they can talk to me about my crits any time, but since these crits are a) short and b) for Crits for Water, I’ve been reading everything again and doing thumbs up or thumbs down.

3. Play with Todd.

What? Ferrets need love, too.

Curious Todd

4. Write things.

Writing doesn’t end with drafts and emails. I’ve got guest posts to write, blog posts for this blog and Pub(lishing) Crawl, and those long emails don’t write themselves.

5. Pictures.

I wasn’t going to take pictures for this post, but then I did. And Kippy wouldn’t cooperate by letting me take a picture of Todd, so that took extra time. Then the culling and cropping and tinkering with the photos. . . .

Kippy and Todd

6. Food.

At some point, I guess I’ll eat today.

7. Reading.

Writers must read. For inspiration, to get away from their own stories, and to see what else is out there. You can learn a lot from reading great books. So what am I reading? I’m almost finished with LEGEND by Marie Lu, and loving it!

8. Yarn.

I’ll probably knit today, at least a little bit. And I want to get started on spinning this fiber. It’s BFL/silk, and the colorway is called Neptune. I loooove it.


Note that while “laundry” and “housework” were not on my list, I’ve already done those things. *sigh*

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