Jodi Meadows (jmeadows) wrote,

Spell “Mississippi” backwards

I’m going to Mississippi tomorrow! Why? Because my mom lives there and she needs Jodi time.

She has internet at her house, and while I won’t have Bambi the iMac with me (too hard to fit in my purse), I will have my new techy BFF, Belle the iPad. We’ve been BFFs for about five days now and I’ve already done crits on her, written a blog post for Pub(lishing) Crawl (coming up on Tuesday), and learned how to play Angry Birds, courtesy of my three-year-old niece, who is an Angry Birds expert. I’ve also got Simplenotes, which can sync with Scrivener, so I might tinker with INCARNATE 3 (aka Ana Notitle) while I’m off.

Oh yes. I’m quite delighted with Belle the iPad.

What was I talking about? Oh right. Going away for a week. I’ll be less active online, but I’ll still have internet stuff, so if you need me, shout. Email is probably the best way, unless you’re one of the people who knows my phone number.

And hey, if you randomly wake up at 4am Eastern time tomorrow, you can know  that’s when I’m waking up! And if you wake up at 6am Eastern time tomorrow, you can know that’s when I’m on a plane!

Then you can turn over and go back to sleep and know that somewhere in Virginia or in the sky, I am very jealous of you as I beg the flight attendant for another cup of coffee.

Speaking of Mississippi, I’ll be in the Jackson area, which means I’ll be stopping by Lemuria Books. I won’t have a signing (no time to arrange one, unfortunately), but I’m planning on signing stock on Thursday the 14th, so if you go there after, I bet they’d be happy to sell you a shiny signed INCARNATE.

Here’s an interview with me on the Indigo Teen Blog! (HELLO CANADA! *smoosh*)

And here’s an auction for a query and first five pages critique! Get a Jodi crit AND help someone get clean water!

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